‘The Mindful Designer’ Talk

I was humbled to have been asked to speak at the fantastic New Adventures In Web Design by Colly & Greg this year, alongside a slew of people who’s work and thinking I’ve admired for some time.

The prospect of speaking to 650 people inside Nottingham’s grand Albert Hall was more than a little daunting, considering the one time I’ve spoken before was to less than 50 people in a small meeting room. But the experience was fantastic, and I’ve had some incredibly kind feedback. The talk has been listed in Creative Bloq’s Top 20 Web Conference Talks of 2012.

If you find yourself with forty or so minutes to spare sometime, you might like to watch it. Amongst other things, I talk a bit about machines with souls, why accidents are great, pencils, Ghostbusters—oh, and there’s a video of me doing a crap jump off a balcony and breaking my heel.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t see the video above, you can watch it on Vimeo. You can also view my slides, but be warned: they make little sense without my rambling to accompany them.