I’m a Scottish product designer working at Meta. I also release music as Made Mountain.

I'm currently an IC7 / senior staff / principal product designer on the Cross-Meta Integrity team, working on problems like objectionable and borderline content, violence and criminal behaviour, and privacy and authenticity across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

This involves supporting people through bad experiences, informing and educating people, and preventing harmful content from reaching wider audiences – while ensuring the way we do so works well for the billions of different people using our apps. In particular I'm focussed on building reusable platforms for these experiences to drive consistency across the many surfaces and use cases.

Prior to working in the integrity space I helped build various new teams, products and experiences for the main Facebook app, for Workplace and in Ads. I co-founded and led the design of Travel Experiences, the first team at Meta to focus solely on consumer travel products. While on the Workplace I helped form the landing team for our first acquisition in 2018, and was part of the major product redesign that launched in 2019.

Before joining Meta (at that point Facebook) in early 2016, I spent 6 years at FreeAgent, helping the team grow from 8-100 employees and leading the design of multiple product milestones including first mobile offering, bank integration, core product redesigns and creation of the design system.

I'm also a proud co-founder of Amiqus, making life easier for people and businesses by rethinking the way anti-money laundering and compliance checks are done. I continue to advise regularly on company strategy, product strategy, recruiting and product development.

If you'd like to say hello, you can reach me by email or on Twitter.